4 Ways to Make An Excellent First Impression

When selling used construction materials, first impressions are critical. If your listing gives potential buyers a negative first impression, you’ll likely have trouble selling your used construction materials as quickly as you’d like. Luckily, the OFFLOADIT app makes selling used construction materials simple, and with these four tips, you’re sure to make an excellent first impression every time.

Fill In As Much Detail As Possible

The most important thing to remember when aiming to make a positive impression on potential buyers is to list as much information about your used construction materials as possible. This not only makes it easier for people to understand what your listing includes, but it also portrays transparency, which will help build trust between you and those viewing your listing.

Post Multiple Pictures

When posting used construction materials, be sure to include multiple pictures from different angles. Doing so will allow potential buyers to get an accurate idea of what condition your materials are in. It’s important that they’re aware of any issues, and pictures can be a great way to demonstrate their current condition.

Post Videos Of Your Equipment

Even better than pictures are videos. We recommend recording and posting a few short videos of your used construction equipment. Doing so can capture aspects of your materials and equipment that don’t fully shine in photos. It can also be a more engaging way to portray information, holding peoples’ interest more than plain old photos can.

List the Price

In order to make a good impression when listing used construction materials, it’s important to list the price where it can be seen by all potential buyers. You don’t want to make people work hard to find the price, as this will likely deter many people. Instead, be open and honest and post the price right in your listing.

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Selling used construction materials may seem like a hassle, but the OFFLOADIT app makes it simple! All you have to do is upload pertinent information and wait for people to view it. Reach out to the OFFLOADIT team to learn more or to begin the listing process today!

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