About Us

OFFLOADIT was founded in 2020 by a contractor who wanted a FAST, EFFICIENT & RELIABLE way to buy and sell material and equipment, all while reducing waste to our environment. OFFLOADIT is construction software built by construction people. We solved a problem we face in our industry daily by building a platform where we can buy and sell our excess material and equipment with ease.

Our app relies on suppliers, vendors, and contractors that want to buy and "OFFLOAD" using our service as well as advertising on our site and mobile App. You can easily buy and sell using our user-friendly interface. Filter through your options by brand, price, location, industry, and more. Connect with other contractors and innovate your ability to do business. OFFLOADIT is integrating the social aspect and sales of construction to create an all-in-one app that truly makes a difference for construction workers, contractors, and individuals alike.

Our app is a new way to buy and sell material & equipment, make connections in construction industries and enjoy a user-friendly interface to do it all. Download OFFLOADIT today!