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the Real Environmental Impact of Discarding Excess Building Materials

And A New Way To Improve Your Bottom Line

Construction and building projects often feature plenty of excess materials and the way that these are disposed of has serious consequences for the environment. With the construction industry responsible for half of the world's landfills, OFFLOADIT provides a better alternative. List your excess building materials for sale and avoid adding to the problem while improving your bottom line.

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Producing Building Materials

All building materials need to be mined, harvested, or composited from finite natural resources and this puts a strain on the environment. Timber may grow on trees but that doesn't mean supply but, as the last year has shown, that doesn't make it immune to supply issues. By dealing with excess materials in a responsible way, our industry can lessen the strain on natural, unmined resources, by making better use of what is already available.

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Ease Production Pollution

One solution is to recycle materials that have outlived their initial use. This is a great solution to ease the harvesting of raw materials but is not without a cost as the process of recycling materials often requires processes that produce a significant amount of carbon or may require a lot of water. By using our materials more efficiently we can cut down on the carbon footprint involved in producing new materials and recycling old ones.

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Reduce Landfill Usage

75% of all construction waste from wood, drywall, asphalt shingles, bricks and clay tiles ends up in a landfill with up to 30% of all building materials delivered to a site finding the same fate. By more responsibly managing building materials and equipment we can minimize the reliance on landfills as disposables for building materials.

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The True Cost Of Construction Waste

The environmental impact of poorly managing excess construction material is huge but it is also having an impact on businesses with the average cost to haul away a truck of waste in excess of $600. By selling your excess building materials, rather than allowing them to go to landfills, we can help ensure the construction industry acts more sustainably while also improving the bottom lines of our companies.

At OFFLOADIT we understand the challenge that comes with buying and selling used building equipment and materials. That is why we developed an easy-to-use website and app that allows you to list your excess building materials in just 2 minutes. Get starting today!

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