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Increase the Bottom Line of Your Projects with Offloadit

Working in construction and contracting can be an expensive business to run, so savvy business owners like you want to cut down on expenses and waste to maximize profits and time! That’s where OFFLOADIT is here to help! As a savvy construction business owner, you can use OLI to buy and sell construction materials and equipment, helping you to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently with great margins!



If there are construction materials or construction or certain pieces of construction equipment you need for your next job or for your services, then finding them at great prices is a must. When you can cut down on costs for materials and equipment, you can better provide value to your customers and keep your bottom line healthy. Use the OLI app to find and buy everything you need for your next job at great prices.



If you have extra materials or equipment you just don’t need anymore, you don’t have to just throw it away or store it! Instead, increase your profits a bit by selling these items to other contractors or construction businesses that can use what you don’t need! With the OLI app, you can easily list and sell your equipment and your materials to others in your area.

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Easy-to-Use App

One of the best things about improving your bottom line with the OFFLOADIT app is that it’s so easy to use! Available for all kinds of smartphones, the app was designed with you in mind. It’s intuitive and easy to use, so you can quickly and easily pick it up and use the features to your advantage. With how quickly you can get used to it, you’ll save time and money by selling or buying the materials you need efficiently.

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Built for Contractors

The OFFLOADIT app was built by contractors, for contractors who want to increase their bottom line. We know that tossing materials you don’t need is bad for the environment and for business and equipment should be put to use whenever possible. That’s why we created the app specifically for contractors like you.