How Offloadit Is Saving Contractors Money

How OFFLOADIT Is Saving Contractors Money

OFFLOADIT is construction software built by construction people. We solved a problem we face in our industry daily by building a platform where we can buy and sell our excess material and equipment with ease. Download the app today to get started and keep reading to learn how OFFLOADIT is saving contractors money across the board.

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Lower Purchase Prices

The asking price for new machinery and unused materials has reached exorbitant levels over the years. With OFFLOADIT, contractors are able to afford excess materials from other businesses and peers in the industry at reasonable prices. Gently used machinery, excess materials, and more are all available through our digital marketplace.

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No Wasted Materials

Following our goal of improving sustainability and decreasing waste, the OFFLOADIT app allows you to find users for excess materials while not suffering a complete loss financially. You are able to offer your items to other contractors in various industries which helps eliminate waste. Additionally, you have a chance to get marginal returns on your expense to improve your overall bottom line.

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One-Time Use Machinery is Feasible

In the past, when contractors needed large machinery or equipment for tasks on a job site but would only need it for minimal use, the prospect of purchasing such items was unrealistic. With OFFLOADIT, you can invest in equipment more feasibly with the expectation that there are other users who need the equipment in your network. This sense of community helps contractors get jobs done while saving money.

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Community of Contractors

Through our expansive network of contractors, our clients are able to connect with other businesses and individuals to build a functioning co-op. If you find that there are similarities in equipment, machinery, and materials both entities use, you can effectively share items to save money. The flexibility and community of contractors help to improve the cooperation and progression of the industry as a whole.

Our app is a new way to buy and sell materials and equipment, and make connections in construction industries, all while saving money. OFFLOADIT is integrating the social aspect and sales of construction to create an all-in-one app that truly makes a difference for construction workers, contractors, and individuals alike. Download OFFLOADIT today!

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