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Construction Accounts for 50% of Landfill Waste - Here's How Offloadit Helps

Construction Accounts for 50% of Landfill Waste - Here's How Offloadit Helps

The construction industry is perilous and, while projects are often planned out to the nail, it is impossible to account for unexpected circumstances that can leave you and your team with a surplus of extra materials that you aren’t sure what to do with. Read below about the benefits of networking with other construction projects using OFFLOADIT’s app and help contribute to decreasing the amount of waste that generally comes from construction projects now!

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A Surplus of Waste

One of the main drawbacks when it comes to large-scale construction projects is that there tends to be an inherent surplus of supply waste that goes unused, which is ultimately discarded. OFFLOADIT is an app that strives to rid the construction industry of this issue and make sure that those materials get utilized.

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Saving the Planet

Constant construction can take a heavy toll on the overall health of the planet. Sharing leftover materials from past construction projects means that there is substantially far less waste than there would be if these companies were not effectively communicating with each other via our app.

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Building a Community

The construction industry is incredibly competitive. Contractors tend to spend their time trying to undercut and outwork their competition, which makes it harder for any organization to make it in the business. OFFLOADIT establishes a network of professionals who have the goal of helping each other succeed without needing to undercut one another.

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Eliminating Waste

When you look at a statistic like construction accounting for 50% of landfill waste, it can be truly difficult to wrap your head around its scale. That amount of construction waste is profoundly difficult to comprehend. The goal of OFFLOADIT is to take that waste and turn it into something that continues to be useful to other projects by funneling it towards other contractors.

If you want to make sure that you are dealing with a company that takes the environment into consideration while operating their business, look no further than the services at OFFLOADIT. With each and every transaction we ensure the sustainability of the planet. Download the OFFLOADIT app today and start making a difference in the world.

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