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4 Options for Building Materials That Avoid the Landfill

Recycled Items Make Construction Easy

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Landfill diversion is critical for the health of our environment. You can find many building materials for your use that would otherwise enter a landfill. These include many items you can acquire through the OffLoadIt app. You can order these items and use whatever used construction equipment you wish to hire to help you manage all these items.

Broken glass car window


Glass is a popular item for recycling, as it can be melted down and reshaped in many forms. Glass items can become new windows or other surfaces around your property.

gray quartz bathroom countertop

Stone Materials

You can also incorporate stone items in your construction task. You will require quality used construction equipment to help you move some heavy stones around, but you can turn that stone into many countertop surfaces around your home. Some stone materials have nonporous bodies that are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

Reddish-pink ceramic tile floors


Ceramic surfaces can be reshaped into new tiles. Ceramic materials are often prepared by melting them and contouring their bodies. Some dyes may also be included here, preparing a unique look to any space. You can arrange your new ceramic tiles in various patterns for any room in your home, including spots that might handle extra moisture, like a bathroom.

Wood walkway serving as the edge of swimming pool


Wood is easy for people to discard as excess waste, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can take mass amounts of wood and repurpose it for a patio or deck. It can also be recycled for flooring, although it would require extra bonding materials.

The options you have for handling waste at a construction site are plentiful. You can find many recyclable materials that you can use in a new project instead of having to move things into a landfill. Check the OffLoadIt app to see what materials you can purchase for your next projects while saving them from a landfill.

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